What is the privacy policy at or website?


a. Our privacy commitment


Pinhais & Cª Lda. is a company whose activity is based on trust and transparency in the day-to-day relationship with our customers. The privacy and security of the data you trust us are a priority for us.

In compliance with the Portuguese General Data Protection Regulation, Pinhais & Cª Lda. in this Privacy Policy commits itself to inform you of the purposes and the usage of your Personal Data (i.e. collection, storage, processing, transmission and removal), ensuring that your data is collected, shared and stored with reference to the best security practices.

We also commit to requesting from our Subcontractors the same level of confidentiality and security, since they may manage your Personal Data on behalf of Pinhais & Cª Lda.

We use your Personal Data always with transparency principles and ensuring that we provide you with the best service.


b. Who is responsible for your Personal Data


Our Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Data Pinhais & Cª Lda. collects.

The reference to “ConservasPinhais” in this Privacy Policy means Pinhais & Cª Lda., with headquarters in Avenida Menéres 700, Matosinhos, tax number 500 217 378 registered in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Porto, with a capital of 519.951,92€. Pinhais & Cª Lda. is responsible for managing Personal Data according to EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and complementary legislation on Personal Data protection in place in countries in which it operates.

Pinhais & Cª Lda. and all its employees are committed to only use your Personal Data for the purposes that have been communicated and always in a safe and responsible manner.


c. Personal Data that we may collect


Personal Data means all the information that allows your identification, directly or indirectly. Your Personal Data can include: company name, country, email address, first name, last name or phone number.

We collect your Personal Data when you fill the information request on our website or when you contact us.

We may also collect your Personal Data from other companies that collect your Personal Data.


d. Personal Data that we may collect


Pinhais & Cª Lda. may collect the following Personal Data:


  1. Consumer information – name and email address – when you subscribe to our newsletter;
  2. Client information – company name, full name, address, country, phone number, email address or tax number;
  3. Via website:
    1. Personal Data information – name, email address, address, tax number and date of birth.
  4. Clients to whom we make deliveries - Information related to the delivery – name, address, zip code, phone number, email address, buying details – when asked for a home delivery.


e. Legitimacy for Personal Data 


Data is collected with the following purposes:

  1. Invoicing;
  2. Marketing/ Direct Marketing – Pinhais & Cª Lda. will request your consent, thus being legitimately entitled to handle your data.  In Direct Marketing situations (i.e., in situations where the holder has purchased products/services), Pinhais & Cª Lda. may send direct marketing communications of similar products through legitimate interest;
  3. Home delivery.


f. How do we maintain your Personal Data secure


We have security measures aligned with the best national practices, in order to protect your Personal Data, including administrative and technical procedures that prevent their misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure, its loss, its improper or inadvertent alteration or its unauthorized destruction. Regarding information security, we have the same commitment to continuous improvement by which we operate in our daily activities.

We highlight the following:

  1. Restricted access to your Personal Data only by those who need them for the purposes we have set out above;
  2. Safe storage and transfer of your Personal Data;
  3. IT protection that prevents unauthorized access to your personal data.


g. For how long to we store your data


We store your data only for as long as it is necessary to meet the defined purposes, according to the criteria defined by the Regulation or by Law.

Once the maximum life we have defined has been reached, your Personal Data will be anonymised or destroyed safely.

To know the deadlines for the safe keeping of your data, see the document entitled "Personal Data".


h. With whom can we share your Personal Data


In some cases, we may disclose your Personal Data to Subcontractors as service providers of Pinhais & Cª Lda. (i.e. information technology services, communications sending services). In such cases, we make sure these Subcontractors have appropriate security measures in place to protect your Personal Data.


i. Your rights


  1. Information: request additional information about the use we make of your Personal Data;
  2. Access: access or request access to the Personal Data you have provided us;
  3. Transfer: request the transmission of the Personal Data you have provided us with;
  4. Amend: request the amend or update of your Personal Data;
  5. Erase: request the erasure of your Personal Data, where permitted by law or contract;
  6. Restriction: request limits to the way we use your Personal Data;
  7. Opposition: we provide a channel to contest Pinhais & Cª Lda. decisions based on your Personal Data.


You also have the right to withdraw or change, at any time, the consent you have given us to use your Personal Data, when it has been legitimated.

To exercise your rights to protect your Personal Data, or whenever you have any question about the use we make of it, you can contact us through our email address

You can complain to the Portuguese Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD) – Address: Rua de São Bento, 148 – 3º, 1200-821 Lisbon – Phone number: +351 213928400 – Fax: +351 213976832 – email address:


j. Cookies


Pinhais & Cª Lda. uses in its website cookies that allow us to improve the performance and navigation experience of our customers, increasing, on the one hand, the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other, eliminating the need to introduce repeatedly the same information.

Placing cookies not only helps websites to recognize the client's device the next time they visit, but it will also be essential for their operation. The cookies used by Pinhais & Cª Lda. on our website do not collect personal information, storing only generic information, namely the form or place / country of access of the client and how you use the website, among others. The cookies retain only information related to the preferences of the users.


k. Privacy policy update


This Privacy Policy will be updated when necessary.


Pinhais & Cª Lda is registered in the National Register of Tourist Entertainment Agents /RNAAT under registration number 546/2021.

Managing your Personal Data information or .com website is a platform for presenting the products and services of Conserveira Pinhais owned by Pinhais & Cª Lda. (hereinafter referred to as CP). As a user of the or website, CP would like to give you some important information regarding the treatment of your Personal Data.


What information do we collect?
How are we going to use the data?
For what purposes are we collecting your Personal Data and for how long are they kept?
What are the rights of access and correction
Privacy policy
How to contact us


What information do we collect?

At the moment of "Information request" or "Contacts" on CP's website, we will ask you for the following personal information so that we can answer your request: full name and email address.


How are we going to use the data?

Your data is collected so that we can answer your "Information request" or when you contact us.
If you consent to the sending of marketing communications, CP may send you informative communications and newsletters, via email address. At any time, you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to with the subject "subscription cancellation".

Access to your Personal Data will be limited to those Subcontractors whose collaboration is indispensable to the providing of the service (s) you have subscribe to, such as IT companies, media agencies and communication delivery platforms.


For what purposes are we collecting your Personal Data and for how long are they kept?


  1. Customer management in loyalty programs – 3 years
  2. Marketing – 2 years (plus current year) since the last contact with CP;
  3. Management of users of websites or platforms - 1 year (plus current year) after last access.


What are the rights of access and correction


As the holder of Personal Data, you may at any time exercise your rights: information, access, transfer, amend, erase, restriction and opposition for our email address - or through the telephone number +351 229380042.


Privacy policy


CP assures the best practices in the field of security and protection of your Personal Data.

For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy on the CP website.


How to contact us

If you have any questions about our Privacy policy or about your Personal data, please contact us:


 - email address:

 - phone number: +351 22 938 00 42

Project Portugal 2020

O objetivo da PINHAIS E COMPANHIA, LDA. com o presente projeto é a criação de um Museu “vivo” da Indústria Conserveira da Pinhais, integrado na sua unidade fabril, que irá criar experiências verdadeiras, exclusivas e únicas, conjugando o conhecimento sobre a indústria conserveira e a visita turística a um património industrial “vivo”.


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Com o presente projeto, a empresa pretende aumentar a sua capacidade produtiva anual em mais 500 mil latas/ano e diversificar a sua produção com a introdução de uma gama de produtos sem pele e sem espinha para a marca “Nuri”. As necessidades apontadas, e que a Pinhais pretende colmatar visam, assim, “Aumentar a eficiência energética com diminuição do impacto no ambiente”, criando condições para reduzir desperdícios e emissões de CO2 para o meio ambiente, melhorando a pegada de carbono da organização e a poupança de água. Como resultado das operações do presente projeto, a empresa espera reduzir o consumo energético para 5.150kwh.


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